20140329_182657_AndroidWe are the Hudsons, and we are a couple of empty nesters living on a postage-sized lot in suburban Pearland, Texas. After a couple of years of pondering moving to a few acres in the country, we have embraced our tiny lot and have made a choice to maximize farm living as much as possible in the middle of a planned community in the suburbs of Houston.


While my wife Jennifer was recovering from a bout with colon cancer in 2012 and 2013, I began an organic vegetable garden in our tiny backyard as a peaceful escape from the cancer battle. What began as a couple of small garden plots on either side of our back door has grown significantly over the last couple of years – now, we have just a path of grass through the back yard, with about 700 square feet of garden beds lining the house and all the fences. 20140603_125758_AndroidWe try to use vegetables and fruits we grow in our garden in our daily cooking, and have also tried to learn how to make as much as possible from scratch. Garden (2)This has become our entertainment, and also an economical way to avoid all those chemicals and preservatives.

This blog is about some of our experiments with gardening, cooking, preserving foods, and just living life as a couple of empty nesters on a budget, loving our little farm and appreciating every day we have together.

Ed Hudson 20150726 (15)


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